Each individual spends about one-third of their life sleeping. Adequate sleep is necessary to maintain productivity and good health. In recent years, millions of people suffer through an immense heat wave. Besides, high temperatures affect our quality of life and cause thermal discomfort to the human body. So, sleeping during a heat wave is the toughest task. When it is too hot, you are more likely to wriggle which disrupts your sleep.

Tips for Sleeping During a Heatwave

Tips for Sleeping during a Heatwave

How to get better sleep in a heat wave? A cool environment, staying hydrated, and lighter dressing help you sleep during a heat wave. Here are some hot weather sleep tips you must know.

Dress Lightly 

Wearing soft or light clothes ensures sleeping comfortably in hot temperatures. You can wear light-coloured fabrics such as linen, cotton and jersey to stay cool during the high temperature. Use loose cotton clothing styles with sleeveless or short sleeves to endure the hot weather. 

Stay in a Cool Environment

Stay in a Cool Environment

If your bedroom is too hot, it will be difficult to get a good sleep. So, keep your bedroom as cool as possible. Follow these cooling sleep techniques for heatwaves:

  • Open the doors and windows during the day which is easy to increase airflow and circulation.
  • Switch on the fan to increase the ventilation and help you feel cooler when it is too hot outside. 
  • You can leave your bedroom door open if you don’t want to open the windows. 
  • Let the fresh air from outside get into your room all day. 

Use Thin Sheets 

Don’t cover yourself with a blanket when you are sleeping during a heat wave. Your body temperature will fall once you sleep. Hence, you can opt for thin or lighter blankets on hot nights. The thin sheets absorb sweat easier and keep you cool.

Stay Hydrated 

Stay Hydrated 

Drink enough water throughout the day for better regulation of your body temperature. Aim to avoid drinking lots of water before sleeping because you will end up going to the bathroom at night. Getting enough water each day is necessary to keep your body functioning smoothly even during a hot temperature. 

Take a Lukewarm Shower

A cool or lukewarm shower helps you reduce heat stress. Don’t take a too-cold shower before going to sleep. Also, showering in tepid water is better to increase the blood flow in your body.

Following a regular sleep schedule, setting aside time to relax, sleeping low on the ground, and spending time in green spaces are a few other heatwave sleep solutions that really work. Sleeping in hot weather can be challenging but if you use these tricks it will make your life easier.