How to Prevent Swine Flu

The world has been caught off guard by the spread of this virus. Everywhere you look there is ongoing talk of swine flu and worry of its spread and the deaths it has caused.

Doctors and even the World Health Organization have called for everyone to take certain measure to prevent the spread of this deadly infectious virus.

  • Vaccination

The first way we can reduce the chances or risk of catching swine flu or the H1N1 virus is to take the vaccination available against the flu.

  • Wash hands frequently

Hands are the place that spread infections. Wash your hands frequently using soap and hot water. If hot water is not available then use a sanitizer at least.

  • Avoid public places

Swine flu spreads like wild fire. It can even spread through the air. For example you can even catch swine flu by shaking hands with someone, or if someone sneezes in close proximity to you.

  • Avoid touching places that might cause infections

There are certain places where tons of people touch. For example door handles, elevator buttons etc… are all places which can infect you.

  • Avoid contact with sick people

It is better to be safe than sorry. Swine flu virus is spread by sneezing, touch with infected particles. So if you know anyone who has the flu, it’s better to keep away till they recover.

You can never take a chance these days with the different viruses that people are getting these days. And if you do have to be in contact of sick people, try to maintain a good distance so that the infection does not spread.

  • Give your body rest

Proper sleep keeps your body’s immune system in tiptop shape. So sleep well so that you can fight of infections easily.

  • Keep hydrated

Drink enough water so that you can flush out all the toxins from your body. Water is essential to maintain the mucus level in your sinuses.

  • Eat healthy food

Eat healthy food, especially those that boost the immune system of your body. Try to eat more of nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

  • Steer clear of alcohol

Alcohol affects the immune system of the body, thus making it more susceptible to viruses and diseases. So if you are looking to save yourself from swine flu, stop drinking.

  • Keep physically fit

The body needs it daily dose of physical activity. When you exercise, you get more oxygen pumping through your blood which also boosts your immune system and circulation, flushing out all the toxins from the body.