Social media these days have the ability to reshape things people believe. From mere rumors to health beliefs, the internet has the power to make anything a sensation. One such sensation is mewing. In recent days, the process has received a lot of attention from the public with a good amount of people wondering if this is even true or safe to practice. 

What is mewing?

Mewing is a jaw development process through your tongue placement that claims to enhance the look of your jaw structure. British orthodontists John Mew and his son Michael Mew promoted the “orthotropics” technique that would change people’s jaw shape, enhancing it.

How to mew?

One can follow these steps to practice mewing:

  • Relax your mouth and close your lips
  • Keep your lips sealed and teeth in contact
  • Lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth and press against it
  • Follow these steps regularly everyday

This technique can entirely change the resting position of your tongue in the mouth. Dr. Mew claims that mewing can redefine your jaw structure and enhance its features, making the process an internet sensation. 

Is mewing effective?

The benefits of mewing claim to be an effective technique to reshape the face structure. The process is said to particularly enhance the midfacial area and obtain an attractive jawline. 

Is mewing effective? Despite its popularity and wide support on social media platforms, mewing has still not claimed to serve any benefits mentioned. There is no research or studies that say this process is indeed effective. Also, experts say the practice does not provide any permanent change to change your jaw structure or strengthen the same.

Can mewing ruin your face?

Despite disapproving of mewing as an effective exercise, experts say the process does not particularly affect or ruin the existing facial features. Mewing can change your tongue’s usual position but it is not proven to cause any permanent damage or change in the same. The same goes for teeth as mewing does not have any sort of effect on the mouth or its parts.

Tips to enhance your jawline

You can undergo exercises to obtain a well-defined jawline as mewing is not an efficient one. Some of the tips and exercises to follow for an enhanced jawline are:

Jaw exercises

Undergoing jaw-related exercises can activate the relaxing muscles which contribute to enhancing the jawline. Exercises like neck curl-up, collar bone backup, tongue twister, vowel sounds, and chin-up exercises are some of the effective methods that can enhance the jawline.

Massage your facial muscles

A gentle massage for your face muscles improves circulation. Rubbing the face with an ice cube can tighten the skin and the pores.

Mewing is neither an effective nor proven method to improve jaw structure. It is advisable to opt for other practices or techniques if you intend to strengthen or enhance your jawline.