You know your kid is strong-willed if they always insist on choosing their own things or don’t want to follow the step-by-step guide in the book because they have their own ideas. In general, any kid who makes their own decision and figures out things for themselves have a strong will. Sometimes it can also turn into disobedience or stubbornness. However, these kids have a lot of positive qualities too. They have the courage to stand up on their own, are creative, and innovative, and have strong decision-making and leadership skills. We have already discussed a lot about unique parenting styles to raise an independent child so in this blog, we will talk about the strong-willed child. 

Signs of a Strong-Willed Kid

  • Intense anger outbursts and low tolerance.
  • Demand a brief explanation.
  • Great debaters.
  • Bossy behavior.
  • Refuse to comply.
  • Whining.
  • Impatient.
  • Create their own rules.
  • Selective hearing or listening to something that suits their needs.
  • Do things at their own pace.

Effective Disciple Strategies for Parenting a Strong-Willed Kid 

Parenting a strong-willed kid is not a cakewalk as it’s hard to convince them to do anything they don’t want to do. You should also tune their energy into something positive without hurting their spirit. 

Stay Calm

If you be calm, you can respond to your kid better. Parenting a strong-willed kid is easy when you try to understand what he/she wants. Instead of reacting to his/her behavior, you must stay calm and follow his/her emotion. 

Be Clear


Do not spend your time and energy arguing with your little one. Tell the rules – good or bad and make sure you follow what you have discussed. Proper communication is the key to winning and managing the tantrums of a strong-willed child. 

Consistency Wins

Your strong-willed child responds to confidence and competence. They easily learn that authority and power cannot define their boundaries. So, you need to be consistent with your efforts and try to build a confident relationship. 

Respect and Trust

kids can understand everything you say. They also respect you if you keep up your words and follow what you say. 

Delegate Authority


Give your kid the control and authority to handle things on their own. Do not wait for her to demand privileges. Parenting a strong-willed kid becomes easy if your child gets a chance to make their own decision, maintain the house, or participate in decision-making. 

Remember Your Goal

It can be challenging to raise a strong-willed kid but if you want to improve your child’s behavior, you need to just follow your goal and consider the best way to do so. 

Team Effort

If your kid is not listening to you, you need to start working with them without opposing. When they feel comfortable with you, you will see a lot of cooperation. A sense of teamwork and integrity comes naturally to kids when they feel valued by family members. 

Build a Good Relationship

You need to always have a good rapport with your kid. There must be trust, empathy, independence, and a lot of love between kids and their parents. 

Do Not Over React

A little girl and mom

Parenting a strong-willed kid is like walking on a knife-edge. You need to be calm and think patiently to help them out. Do not agree with everything your kids say and on the other hand, do not take things lightly. 

Validate Them

Appreciate them even if you notice any changes in them. Thank and praise their efforts and make sure you talk to kids and understand their perspectives too. 

Teach Them


If your child is struggling with something both mentally and physically, you need to sit down with them and talk about it. Kids may not know how to express everything but it is your responsibility as a parent to find out what they do and why they do it. 

Show Your Power When There’s a Need

Always use your power as the last word to convince your kid. Yelling, shouting, and threatening don’t work all time. If you want to discipline your kid for something, you need to use your authority to teach them that best. 

It can be frustrating but there’s always a time for self-growth. You can easily raise happy kids by listening to them, playing with them, and having a conversation with them.