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Amazing 7 Weight Loss Hacks You Should Know

7 Weight Loss Hacks That Have Nothing to Do with Diet

When it comes to losing weight, we always go for exercise and diet. Of course, physical exercise and healthy intake are mandatory but there are other weight loss hacks that you might…

Drop a Jean Size Workout

Drop a Jean Size Workout

Drop a jean size through workout and diet control. It is not magic but you can certainly reduce weight through the workout and certain diet modifications. It is frustrating when you are…

Does Tequila Really Help in Weight Loss

Does Tequila Really Help in Weight Loss?

A study conducted at the American Chemical Society back in 2014 stated that tequila induces weight loss. Now, before you get all excited about having that shot of tequila, let’s analyze if…

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10 Foods You Can Eat a Lot and Still Not Gain Weight

Different foods can have different effects on your body. Some foods can increase your weight in no time and some can help you lose weight. You should be careful in choosing your…

Healthy Postpartum Weight Loss

Let your stress and anxiety  go away and No more worries about postpartum weight loss! After pregnancy, some moms want to lose weight. How can you lose postpartum weight? You may consider…

7 Home Remedies to Lose Belly Fat

Home Remedies to Reduce Belly Fat

Everyone wants to have a slim waist. Belly fat just doesn’t feel good and it could cause many health issues like heart disease, strokes, diabetes and much more. Follow a few home…

5 Weight Loss Tips for Kids Who Are Overweight

5 Weight Loss Tips for Kids Who Are Overweight

Nowadays, obesity is a concern that is not only prevalent among adults but disrupts the lives of kids too. Overfeeding, lack of exercise, depression due to loneliness, genes, and thyroid are some…

Caffeine for Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Caffeine and Weight Loss

Caffeine is a plant-based stimulant. Only very few plants like coffee, tea, and cocoa contain caffeine which is widely consumed in all regions, globally.  Caffeine is also added to artificial beverages like…

Interesting Facts about Paleo Diet

10 Interesting Facts about Paleo Diet

With the number of reported cases of obesity rocketing sky-high, there arises an urgent need to remind the world of a diet that could probably change the way we eat, think, and…

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