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Caffeine for Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Caffeine and Weight Loss

Caffeine is a plant-based stimulant. Only very few plants like coffee, tea, and cocoa contain caffeine which is widely consumed in all regions, globally.  Caffeine is also added to artificial beverages like…

Interesting Facts about Paleo Diet

10 Interesting Facts about Paleo Diet

With the number of reported cases of obesity rocketing sky-high, there arises an urgent need to remind the world of a diet that could probably change the way we eat, think, and…

Healthy Heart

Keeping your heart healthy is simple when you follow some simple practices. Get proper sleep, watch your cholesterol, eat right, be active, don’t smoke and manage hypertension. Heart disease is the leading…

Security Singal and How It Can Help You to Reduce Stress

Stressed This Holiday Season? a ‘Security Signal’ May Help

Security signals are environmental stimuli used to prevent or reduce the nervous system’s response to fear. Fear is the brain’s normal reaction under threat/stress. But in patients with depression and anxiety disorders,…

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