Are you feeling sad because your breasts are sagging and look ugly? Why are your breasts hanging? For some women sagging breasts are caused by hereditary conditions and for others age and child birth are causes enough.But there are some reasons that do contribute to your sagging breasts. So avoid the following bad habits and lift your boobs.

  • Wearing unsupported bras-You should wear the right type of bra that suits your body type and even the purpose. Your bust should be supported at all times. For example if you are heading to the gym, use a sports bra that supports your bust and prevents it from bouncing around.The reason behind wearing supported bras is to give support and prevent the skin of your breast from losing its elasticity by moving around too much.
  • Crash dieting-One of the main causes of sagging breasts in young women is crash dieting. Losing weight too fast results in loose skin which in turn causes your breasts to hang after losing its elasticity.
  • Smoking-Smoking is the father of all the damage caused to the body.Smoking damages the skin, its collagen thereby reducing the elasticity of the skin. So unless you want sagging breasts along with a whole load of other complications you can continue smoking.
  • Excessive extreme workout-Though exercise can leave you looking youthful, too much of the same exercise and too many reps can result in the skin losing its elasticity.

So quit these habits unless you want to own a pair of sagging breasts.