Motor skills are very important for children to carry out their lives. All what we do in our lives daily involve our hands that make the movement of our fingers (that is motor skills) very important.
Developing motor skills takes practice. It is not a skill that is developed over night. But of course as always there are some kids who pick up faster than the rest.

Here are some things that will help develop those small fingers and enable them to function as they should:

1)    Touch and Feel Books

Babies love to touch and feel new stuff. They are at a stage where everything is new to them. Most books for babies include textures of fur for animals, plastic for rubber items like umbrella, cloth for clothes, mirrors to see themselves etc… You should read to them and encourage them to look at the pictures and feel the pages of these’ touch and feel’ books.
Touch Books
2)    Big Simple Wooden Puzzles

Big puzzles made of wood are a great way to make your little one her motor skills. Not only will she develop her motor skills, but puzzles will also make her understand the concept of shapes.
There are several wooden puzzles available in the market that feature animals, birds, shapes, transport etc…

Wooden cubes for babies

3)    Activity Gym

An activity gym is sure to keep your little one busy. From grabbing stuff and listening to music, to hitting hanging stuffed animals, your baby will be occupied on her own and also develop her motor skills at the same time.

Activity gym

4)    Blocks

Babies might not get the concept of building stuff with blocks. But just throwing them around and grabbing them is enough to develop their grasp and also fine tuner his or her motor skills.

5)    Sensory Balls

Babies just love balls. Even I am yet to figure out what fascinates them about these spherical objects.
Buy sensory balls that are those that come in various textures, designs, sounds or even movements. For example some balls make a noise when you squeeze them or others that make grinding sounds when you turn them etc… Your baby will love balls when she comes to the stage of crawling. She will most likely crawl after them.

Sensory Balls

6)    Finger Foods

For babies to eat by themselves, they need to develop their pincer grip, that is the use of the index finger and thumb to hold stuff.
Keep finger foods like tiny nibbles you get in the market that include Gerber puffs or graduates that are meant especially for the purpose in front of your baby. She will gradually learn to use her fingers for this purpose.

Finger foods

7)    Baby Wipes

This is not a thing that actually develops motor skills. But when you baby is developing she is also getting her hands on a lot of things.
It is through the hands that most germs, bacteria and other infections enter the body.
So keep your baby safe while she is busy grabbing stuff and developing her motor skills, it is recommended that you always keep her hands clean using baby wipes.

Baby wipes

Do not hesitate to invest in the basic stuff that will develop your baby’s basic motor skills, as they are essential for him or her to develop both physically and mentally.

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