Pregnancy is a special phase in any woman’s life. It is a phase when a woman shifts to motherhood. In the olden days our moms did not have it easy. They always had to wait till the end of the nine months in anxiety to see their new lives unfold.
The modern day world has a lot of gadgets to help you in every stage of your pregnancy. You get devices to track your baby and its growth. It can make the journey towards motherhood less stressful and more memorable.


Here are 5 gadgets that are a gift to moms-to-be:

1) Baby kick monitor

All moms and dads to be love to feel their baby kicking. A baby kick monitor helps in keeping track of your baby’s kick and that helps at the end of your pregnancy to see when you reach the big day.

kick track gadget

2) Prenatal tracking device

This is a tiny hand held device that lets you listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Let your family feel the excitement too as this device even records the baby’s heartbeat, so you can send it to your near and dear ones.

prenatal gadgets

3) Growing baby pregnancy watch

This fashionable watch cum pregnancy device tells you how many weeks you’re into your pregnancy. If you’re still deliberating on a name for your precious one, this watch can help you with that too. It comes with a list of baby names in case you missed out on any.

4) Bio Bands

Bio bands are tiny bands that have beads on it that press onto your wrist in the form of acupuncture that relieves you of your nausea.

prenatal gadgets

5) Pregnancy Headphones

You and your unborn child can both listen to music together with these belly phones that are designed to play music to your womb. They come with adhesive rings so you can plug them onto your growing tummy
The best part is that you can record the voices of loved ones and play it to your baby.

pregnancy headphones