5 Foods that kill your sex drive

Little do we know that the food we eat might be hampering our wonderful sex lives?  Have you been suffering from a lowered interest in sex these days? If yes, then what you might not even suspect is the decrease in the libido due to the consumption of certain foods. The hormone testosterone is responsible for our sexual desires or so called libido and it is said that certain foods are responsible for lowering their levels.

Some of the top foods that kill our libido are:

  • Mint

Most of us tend to pop in mouth fresheners full of mint to get rid of bad breath. Mint is said to lower the testosterone levels in men which is responsible for their sex drive.

  • Chocolate

As romantic as it may sound to feed each other chocolate before you hit the bed, it is better to avoid chocolates completely if you want to enjoy a good sex life. Chocolate might improve your mood but it definitely will not improve your drive. It can actually get you all sluggish and left with no energy to have sex.

  • Dairy products

Dairy products are not completely harmful for sex. But the dairy products these days are made using artificial or synthetic hormones that can interfere with the hormones in our body, including sex hormones. So avoid artificially processed cheeses and other dairy products unless you want to mess up your hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

  • Hi-fat junk food

It goes without saying that junk food is bad for you. They can harm your heart and other organs of your body. Food that is high in fat will reduce the flow of oxygen and blood to your sexual organs. These foods will leave you feeling tired and sluggish and in no mood to have sex.

  • MSG

Monosodium glutamate is used in packaged food products to preserve them and even to create a flavor in certain food served at restaurants. MSG affects the brain, causes depression and even cardiovascular diseases. A food that causes depression will definitely be responsible for the reduced level of sex hormones. Be happy to enjoy an improved libido. Try to avoid foods that contain MSG.

So steer free of these foods to enjoy an amazing sex life and not ruin your libido.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf