Many of us adopt a lot of weight loss strategies that actually do not work. We assume that we are taking the right step to lose the inches, pounds and fat. This might come as a shocker to you that most of the common strategies that we follow are not doing the work they are supposed to do.

So when you sort through diet plans or other weight loss tricks you might want to go through what most people have been doing wrong in their weight loss strategies.

4 Weight loss strategies that do not work

Here are 4 approaches to weight loss that aren’t helping you:

  • Counting calories

This is one of the oldest and most popular weight watching method across the globe. Experts now say that it is impossible to determine the accurate calories in ay food.

Better approach: Eat real foods in a wide variety that consists of nuts, lean meats, vegetables and other healthy substances.

It is found that real foods turns off your body’s fat-storing cells by digesting slowly and helping you avoid blood sugar swings.

  • You have a heavy dinner

We tend to suffer from the misconception that eating a heavy dinner prevents us from late night snacking.

But scarfing down a big plate of food in the evening can make your hunger-fuelling hormones go haywire. It can also mess with your sleep in ways that promote overeating the next day.

Better approach:Overeating at night keeps you from being hungry in the morning that usually sets of a vicious cycle. To get your morning appetite back, cut your evening meal in half and then eat a larger breakfast that includes healthy sources of protein and fat.

  • You nibble at regular meals

If you are trying to control your diet you tend to nibble at the main meals trying to control your portion size. But what you don’t realize is that this leads to unscheduled meals throughout the day that causes the calorie count to increase all the more.

People tend to eat more than they are supposed to while nibbling.

Better approach: Stick to three balanced meals a day with the heavier meals towards the beginning of the day. Include healthy sources of protein and fiber so that you feel fuller longer.

  • You set short term weight loss goals

When we set short term weight loss goals, in order to achieve them we adopt extreme steps of dieting that are t sustainable in the long run.

Better approach: Adopt small changes in your routine that promote weight loss. You can start by eating healthy food and including exercise. Gradually cut out bad habits and adopting good ones.


Change doesn’t happen overnight. You need to adopt weight loos measures gradually for result that will last.

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