Tips to make your soup healthier

Every meal should start with soup. It serves the purpose of filler before you start on the main course. Sometimes soups are made with heavy cream and other fattening produce. Just because you skip these unhealthy options doesn’t mean that these soups will taste any less good.

Here’s how you can make your soups healthier without compromising on the quality of the taste.

  • Substitute cream with pureed vegetables

Usually cream is added to the soup to make them taste delicious. Instead of adding cream, why don’t you try adding puree of vegetables such as potatoes, pumpkin or even chickpeas? Adding these vegetable purees will not only make your soup thicker but it will also add a unique flavor.

  • Toppings

We all love the crunchy element that comes in our soup. Crackers and soup sticks taste great but we can get to enjoy it better if we add an extra nutritional element to it. Try adding crushed nachos or toasted whole wheat toasties to the soup for that crunchy element. For a creamy topping you can try low fat Greek yogurt or sour cream.

  • Vegetables

The simplest and easiest option to making your soup healthier is just to add a bowl of vegetables to it. You can make a clear soup more interesting by adding a handful of chopped spinach or arugula.

  • Serve on a bed of whole grains

Serve your soups on a bed of whole grains. Whole grains add lots of fiber and nutrition to your soul. By doing this you can make convert this starter into a whole meal, especially for those who want to lose weight and eat healthy.

Soups give us feeling of being full. So make your soup more healthy and try to stay away from the canned varieties as they as filled with preservations and not as nutritious as the homemade varieties.