Sure cardio gets your blood pumping and going and you definitely need to exercise on a daily basis. All of us are under the impression that cardio is the best for burning those calories.
No doubt cardio has its health benefits but sometimes doing too much cardio can actually prevent you from reaching your health or fitness targets.
Here are four signs that you need to cut down on your cardio sessions:
1) Your body is not toned
Cardio can help you lose weightbut the problem is that it can also simultaneously make you lose that lean muscle tissue that is important for your body to maintain proper shape.

2) You are always tired
Cardio is a physical activity and it can also cause your body stress if done in excess of a person’s personal capacity.
We deal with a lot of other stress on a daily basis and when we add this exercise stress, we will be zapped of our energy and our body will not be able to recuperate from your demanding cardio training while simultaneously dealing with other life stressors.

3) Your body holds onto fat
We all are under the impression that fat is burnt by cardio. But the fact is that we burn lean muscle when we amp up our cardio.
If your body starts losing muscle then your metabolic rates starts dipping due to which you won’t be able to shed fat.
4) Sore joints
Overdoing certain physical activities can take a toll on your joints and make them sore. Chronic joint soreness develops gradually so it can be easy to overlook. You might not suddenly notice a drastic change in how your body feels, but cardio overload may be taking a toll on your joints without you realizing it.

Listen to your body and exercise accordingly.