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Why You Should Lift Weights

Why You Should Lift Weights

Weight is a very popular exercise all over the world. History tells us that the practice of weight lifting is very old. Physical prowess was gauged by skills in lifting weights. Undoubtedly, those, who lifted heavier weights, were depicted as powerful persons. Old Chinese text finds mentions of prospective members of the army were required to pass a weightlifting test. Bells after removing clappers, to avoid the unnecessary sound, were used for lifting exercise. That is the origin of the word dumbbells. Lifting weights was more associated with males as a masculine identity of strength. Now women are also participating in weight lifting sessions. They have seen distinct advantages in the process.

  1. Lifting weights burns fats more than other conventional exercises. Other exercise regimen effect weight loss by losing fat and muscle. Those who are afraid of eventual weight regain can be assured of actual weight loss through depletion of fat. Hard earned muscles are retained in lifting weights.
  2. More calories are burnt in lifting weights. Health conscious people would appreciate the importance of burning extra calories from fat. Other exercises offer limited advantages in this respect.
  3. Increase in mental endurance is achieved by pushing the body to perform uniformly better than before. When the body refuses to cross the threshold, it is the mind that makes the vital push. Weight lifting gives an opportunity to sail through such situations. A tough mental frame is created.
  4. The combination of strong body and matching mind creates a new self, capable of taking initiatives to change for the better. Lifting weights, pumps in the extra vim. Self confidence is boosted. Newer ideas are generated.
  5. Regular weight lifting sessions result in increased bone density. The risk of bone fractures or osteoporosis is substantially reduced. This is particularly important for women, as they otherwise would tend to face the problems of reduced calcium in the body. Additionally, joints, ligaments and tendons are strengthened during weightlifting sessions. The increased strength acts as a firewall against impending risky situations.
  6. Improvement in physical balance and coordination is achieved. An upright confident posture is the result of evenly spread weight lifting sessions. Quality of sleep shows noteworthy refinement. All these factors collectively give a picture of a confident and stress free personality.
  7. Discipline and hard work are ingrained virtues of lifting weights. The very same virtues come handy in day to day experiences of various situations. These are the byproducts of the main activity of lifting weights.
  8. Weight lifting increases alertness and stimulates the mind. Mental activities receive a boost. Brain and mind can work in tandem for longer periods, without a sense of fatigue. Energy levels are maintained to deliver successful results.
  9. Complete body takes a new appealing contour. All fashionable varieties of apparel can be easily tried without any discomfiture. Great help to look younger comes from regular weight lifting. Happy mood becomes a permanent bonus.

There are many more advantages of weight lifting, which can be felt and experienced by the performer. It is pertinent that type and extent of weights should be decided with due care. Advice from experts in the field can be welcome. The focus should be on the essentials of the exercise. If followed religiously, weight lifting can make wonders happen. One can easily perceive the metamorphosis of nobody into somebody.

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