5 Ingredients that dry your skin

By | April 18th, 2016|Conditions & Diseases, Skin Care|

Dry skin is an irritating skin condition where the skin is stripped of its moisture. There are some ingredients in creams and lotions can make the skin dry and lack [...]

7 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

By | April 10th, 2015|Skin Care|

Unwanted hair is almost like a curse to women. They make us feel almost unfeminine, one with masculine features. Unwanted hair can be removed by permanent or temporary methods. Here [...]

5 Ways your Cellphone is Ruining your Skin

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A cellphone is something that we cannot live without. We do a lot of things with our phone from checking mails, making and receiving calls to texting. With an increase [...]

Solutions to 6 Embarrassing Skin Problems

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All of us have our days of bad skin like acne breakouts, rashes and heat boils. But there are some skin problems that are embarrassing that some of us even [...]

5 Chemicals you should avoid in cosmetics

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Cosmetics these days are made using tons of chemicals. We apply them on our faces and body without giving it a second thought. Most of us don’t even know what’s [...]

3 Common Lip Problems Solved

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Our lip cells are more vulnerable as compared to the rest of the skin in our body as it consists of only a few layers of facial skin unlike the [...]

6 Mistakes that you make while Washing your Face

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Washing our faces is an act that we do every day. It is a very simple process yet many of us make mistakes in washing our faces and the best [...]

5 Ways to get rid of stinky feet

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Any bad smell is always associated with stinky feet. Some people just can’t help having stinky feet, especially those people who have hyper active sweat glands. Here are some ways [...]

5 Steps To a Perfect Shave

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Shaving if done the right way gives you perfect results. All men shave and it is the inevitable grooming act that keep men looking tiptop.Improper shaving methods can lead to [...]