All you need to know about Color Blindness

By | September 27th, 2016|Conditions & Diseases, Health|

Color blindness is a condition where the eye fails to recognize or cannot see red, blue or green colors or a combination of these three colors. Color blindness as the [...]

7 Reasons why your hands and feet have been tingling

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7 Habits that is making your asthma worse

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People who suffer from asthma have to take more care of themselves than others. There are a million factors that can trigger their asthma attacks. Using your controller and rescue [...]

6 Ways to avoid getting hemorrhoids

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Have you experienced a situation where you are in public and can’t resist the urge to itch your butt? Or does your butt ache when you sit down at times? [...]

6 Tips to clear up a stuffy nose

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6 Tips that will help treat your acne

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6 Things you need to know about thyroid health

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Thyroid is an important hormonal gland that plays an important role in metabolism, growth and maturation of the human body. More than a million people suffer from this problems each [...]

6 Signs that you might need reading glasses

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6 Health conditions that migraine sufferers are at risk of

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Migraine sufferers have a rough deal. They suffer pain and agony while they have to bear with head splitting headaches, blurred vision and much worse. To top it they also [...]