In cold and dark winter, you always feel down. Less sunlight and short days, makes you sluggish. You are always worried about the freezing temperature outside, numb nose and toes during the winter. Because of the lack of sunlight, you will feel like depressed.  Continue Reading...

An overview: Chocolates Chocolates are everyone’s favorite. They are not only mood enhancers but they also act as a motivating factor of getting work done from kids and children especially. Chocolates have always been a part of lives ever since we were children.  Continue Reading...

Cardio exercises signify the heart and respiratory system. All exercises that invoke these systems are defined as cardiovascular exercises like running, walking, swimming, cycling, aerobics, rowing, etc. Cardio exercises pump your heart rate improving the cardiovascular  Continue Reading...

Skin is the major organ of the human body, and it comes with diverse colors. Skin tones are the different types of skin colors. These skin tones have an exterior layer of pigment which is called as melanin. Dark or brown skin has more melanin than people who have  Continue Reading...

 Exercises after Heart Surgery Recovery after heart surgery depends on a lot of factors. Enough sleep and healthy food are very necessary. But at the same time, exercise is also important. Just sitting down after surgery, will not help you recover your heart  Continue Reading...

Pain or irritation in the throat is called as a sore throat. The most common cause of sore throat is a viral infection. Allergies, Pollution, Illness like cold & flu, chickenpox, dry air, etc. can cause viral infections resulting in sore throat. It can be  Continue Reading...

An Overview: What is Migraine? In layman terms, people often get confused between headache and migraine. It is very essential to understand that migraine is way ahead than headache. Now what exactly is a migraine? One should definitely ask this question to get  Continue Reading...

An Overview: Body Strength: The golden key to live longer is to stay fit and healthy. Men and women both are equally involved in pursuing professional as well as personal tasks. But in order to stay healthy, it is also essential to make your body strong. Losing  Continue Reading...


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